Dusan Bogdanovic
"Il Fronimo"

I got a particular impression from Leopoldo Saracino, his interpretation was excellent because he created an inner rhythm of incredible precision.
(Dusan Bogdanovic – Il Fronimo)

Bruno Bettinelli
" Il Fronimo"

Leopoldo Saracino gave a wanderful interpretation of my concerto for guitar and strings.

Quirino Trovato

[…] We can admire all the technical and musical virtuosity of Leopoldo Saracino, that with his Guadagnini guitar of 1823 let us ear marvellous things.

Pier Giorgio Feletti
"Corriere della Sera"

[… Another great musical interpretation was given from the “Chitarra-trio”, whose components are Enrico Maria Barbareschi, Leopldo Saracino, Fabio Sruzzola. They show a great harmony and a mastery with the stringed instrument.[…] The great appreciation of the audience pushed the musician to play three encores[…]


The two musician co-operate in a instrumental competition, where one doesn’t want to prevaricate the other (it would be easy for the fortepiano to overwhelm the guitar) with grat tecnical and musical capacity….little masterpieces, given with expressive intensity by Saracino and Palumbo, whom we wish a marvellous carrer.

Eugenio Grandi
"Il Giornale Genova"

[…] Saracino presented a program particularly difficult, having chosen great masterpieces of the guitar Literature […] Good taste and great expressive variety show the musicianship from Saracino.

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